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    Default Delivery Routes !

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    A milkman, who is dying in the hospital, is surrounded by his two sons, daughter, his wife and a nurse.

    He says:
    - To you, Peter, I leave the Beverly houses.

    - To you, my dear daughter, I leave the apartments in the Los Angeles Plaza.

    - To you, Charlie, being my youngest son with a large future, I leave the City Center offices.

    - And you, my dear wife, the three residential buildings towers in downtown.

    The nurse, impressed, tells his wife, "Madam, your husband is very rich. He is bequeathing many properties! You all are so lucky!!!"

    And the wife retorts, "Rich??? Lucky??? Are you kidding me!!!?? He is a Milkman!!! Those are his routes where he delivers milk !!!!"

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    Very good....



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