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    Default WWE Tells Talent to Step Up During Cena's Absence And Make A Name for Yourself

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    - WWE Officials have told a lot of the talent that now is the time to step up and work their hardest now that John Cena is out with an injury.

    It was dictated that if there was ever a time in WWE to make a name for yourself and become a star, now is the time.

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    Yes, now that cena is out, jobbers will get more tv time to job and even jobbers will job to jobbers like Zack to 3MB.
    Well jokes apart, this is really the time but it's upto WWE that who they choose to give that TV Time and Match. I hope Justin Gabriel takes the opportunity and comes out the best or maybe Tyson Kidd.
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    Yeah the Guy who cant wrestle is away show your skills and shine. Like people were sitting on their asses while Cena is there
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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