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    Default Reason Behind Triple H Pushing The Wyatt Family, Top Indy Stars Scheduled for WWE Tryout, Attendance

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    - The WWE live event on August 11th in Oakland, California drew 4,500 fans for $200,000.

    - Word is that Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Midwest indy wrestler Prince Mustafa Ali will be attending the WWE tryout camp at the end of this month.

    - The Wyatt Family is a major Triple H project right now and the feeling is that they're getting ready for a big push, in a sense they're being groomed for The Shield's spot. There is a lot of talk about The Shield being moved down. With recent Triple H projects like Kharma and Sin Cara bombing, he's likely going to go hard with The Wyatts.

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    EEEWWWWWWWW, Davey Richards
    The Prince Is Here...

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    Tryouts... they are too good for WWE lol



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