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    Default Sandesh Gour meets with a major accident on the sets of Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath

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    Actor Sandesh Gour recently met with a near to fatal accident while shooting for the Maha Movie of Fireworks Productions’ Hum Ne Li Hai… Shapath for Life OK. The scene that was being shot was an outdoor sequence wherein few of the friends in the story line were seated inside a jeep and driving along the road. Actor Manit Joura was driving the jeep while Sunayna Fozdar and Aditya Bhattacharya were seated along with Sandesh at the back.

    All of a sudden, the back door of the jeep gave away and opened, and Sandesh who was leaning against the door literally fell out with his head and back almost hitting the ground. However, the saving grace for Sandesh was when his co-artists Sunayna and Aditya held his legs tightly so that he was not pushed out of the jeep. Manit who was driving the car drove up to 25 feet and only then realized that Sandesh was in trouble and immediately stopped the jeep. Though Sandesh did not have even one bruise on his head and back, his right palm got seriously injured with quite a lot of internal bruises.

    We called up Sandesh to know about his health condition and he took the opportunity to thank his stars and of course his actor friends who saved his life. “This was indeed a serious accident, as anything could have happened. But God did not give me a single mark on my body. It is just that my right palm got severely injured and the feeling was like I was in coma. Thanks to my co-actors Miss Sunaina Fozdar and Aditya Bhattacharya for saving my life from this major accident. The Director Sir (Akshay Singh) also supported me like an elder brother and provided me with the much-needed first aid on the spot. The entire unit was so concerned over my health. The best part was that even after going through this, I gave my best shot of happiness in front of the camera.”

    Sandesh, we wish you a speedy recovery.



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