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    Default The Bella Twins Talk About Dating WWE Superstars

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    - WWE's website has a new dating Q&A up with The Bella Twins. They were asked for one perk and one downside to dating someone on the WWE roster:

    NIKKI: The one upside is, even though weíre on the road all the time, we actually get to see our boyfriends a lot, which usually doesnít happen, because usually the boyfriends are at home. So thatís def a perk. Downside Ö I havenít found one yet. When I do, Iíll let you know, but as of right now Iím still on cloud nine and everything is perfect.

    BRIE: Iíd actually have to agree with Nikki with the perk. Being that weíre always gone and not home, itís nice to see our boyfriends on the road. But, gosh, the downside would have to be that because weíre so busy in this world together, when we go home thereís still the craziness and busyness because weíre both in chaos. I feel like sometimes we always have to remind ourselves, ďWe need to slow down. Just because our work environment is crazy, doesnít mean we need to bring the craziness home.Ē



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