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    Default The Shield vs The Wyatt Family feud -Idea-

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    Well most of the people now want Wyatt Family and The Shield to feud because these both stables have been really good (Wyatt's in NXT, And Shield on the main roster) so I have got an idea of their feud. I hope you like it.

    The Shield is having United States Championship and Tag Team Championships. So here is starts:-
    After Wyatt's are done with Kane. Kane doesn't get into the stable. Bray Wyatt's captures Intercontinental Title and the other two from Wyatt Family bring back the World Tag Team Titles *the classic one*. Wyatt's go on smackdown each week and The Shield on raw. Both plan to attack the same guy on Smackdown, both make their entrance but Shield walks aways, the same happens next week on Raw and Wyatt's walk away. They finally confront each other. Surprise attack each other sometimes and finally at a PPV the match is set-up. "Winner Takes All" with both Tag Titles, US and IC title. One of the stables win. And this leads to:

    -Intercontinental and United States Championship being unified. One title for Mid Card.

    -The current tag title (ugly one) being replaced/retired with the World Tag Team Titles.

    -Finally one stable being broken and only one being left off.

    Do you like it or not?
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    Great idea, therefore WWE won't make it happen

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    I Like The Idea

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    Great idea, but I don't think WWE has any plans to bring back the old Tag Team Championships. Although I love the unification idea for the IC and US Title. It would be an awesome idea.

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    Got to agree with what the others said above! Great Idea!

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    not really good thought. all mid card titles in that feud? would make the mid card boring. and I dont agree with the tag belts they look awesome but the rest is a great idea
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    it's a good idea except for the titles maybe it should be as a leader vs a leader match
    Bray Wyatt with The Wyatt Family vs Us Champion ( Ambrose ) with ( Tag team champions )Rollins and Regins The winners take all, so in this way all of mid card titles wouldn't be with one team..

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    Yourr idea is great

    I would also like to see a Survivour Series Elimination Match with 2 more guys in both teams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insideout Shoots View Post
    Yourr idea is great

    I would also like to see a Survivour Series Elimination Match with 2 more guys in both teams
    Let me guess:

    The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, THE BOOGEYMAN and MIKE KNOX

    The Shield: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, JASON BOURNE (No, not played by Matt Damon, played by Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne, we all want someone to shoot John Cena ) and COFFEE KINGSTON (Kofi's EEVIILLL brother)

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