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    Default JBL Reaches French Alps Summit, WWE Polls Fans on The Shield vs. The Wyatts, Kozlov

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    - WWE announcer JBL reached the top of the French Alps yesterday, as a part of his Seven Summits campaign. JBL has his wife with him on this climb. He also brought a Michael Cole action figure and joked that he always "carries" Cole. Here is a photo from the summit:

    - Former WWE star Vladimir Kozlov told The Roman Show this week that he is training for MMA at the Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu School in Miami. Kozlov was asked if he would fight former WWE star Batista. Kozlov said they are working on projects together but he isn't sure if the fight will happen.

    - WWE's website has a new poll up, asking fans who would win in a six-man clash - The Wyatt Family or The Shield. With almost 46,000 votes cast, The Wyatts are currently leading the poll with 56%

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ the [email protected] View Post
    Let's go Layfield!!!

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    Really?? Wyatts Are Leading. The Shield Is More Better Than Them.The 10 Year Old Kids Voted For Them Becoz They Didn't Lost A Match For Sure

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