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    Default Update on The Mystery Behind #August1Warning

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    TNA provided an update on who could be behind the #August1Warning video on their official website.

    The article on their website features a tweet from former WWE Superstar Bob Holly, who recently appeared at a One Night Only pay-per-view event. When asked if Holly was the culprit, he replied, "No.. not me.. Happy"

    As noted earlier, former Gut Check contestant Adam Pearce wrote the following on Twitter, "By the way, how many days til #August1?"

    TNA acknowledging Pierce's tweet could be misleading, or it could be a sign that he is the person that "has a problem which needs to be solved".

    In response to TNA's article speculating if Adam Pearce is behind the video, the @August1Warning tweeted, "Congrats to @IMPACTWRESTLING on the detective work."

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    no hard holly **** man

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    I really want it to be someone not seen before that claims to have insider information on the company.

    Adam Pearce did not make it for a reason and having some ex WWE guy would not be anything new.

    People will whine about some no name, but if they build that person right, it could make for fun television.

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    Well I hope it will be a big debut/return I didn't watch TNA for that long but I just hope it's not another ex WWE wrestler..

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    Waiting Over

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    We want punk..........We want punk..........We want punk..........



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