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    Default DT Porter Posted "Cry For Help" On Facebook Prior To 2012 WWE Release

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    As reporter earlier, former WWE developmental wrestler Brian McGhee ("DT Porter") was arrested earlier today and is the prime suspect in a fatal stabling on Wednesday night in Tampa, Florida.

    Porter was released by WWE last year - and a disturbing Facebook post made by McGhee last year has now taken on an even darker meaning. Back in May 2012, he posted this "cry for help" message, claiming he was reaching a breaking point as a result of mistreatment by WWE officials.

    ďGuys, I donít know how much longer I can handle this. Every day is a constant struggle to keep my sanity. I love wrestling and itís all I ever wanted to do. Already going crazy since Iíve been for like ten months now, but it gets worse. Every day a trainer goes out of his way to rib or disrespect me in front of the boys because Iíve been out so long. I canít clear myself. I wanna wrestle more than anything, but I donít even know who I am anymore. Itís so ****ing hard. I just feel it just building inside of me and I donít know how much longer I can contain it. I have daydreams of just ****ing everyone up on some real shit. Iím not a kid. Iím a ****ing man. But what do you do when the people in charge of helping you get to the main roster are the ones making your life the hardest. Iíve been drinking almost every day. Itís to the point to where I keep Vodka and Gin in my trunk. Help me!Ē

    He later deleted the Facebook message and claimed he was hacked.

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    Wtf? ..^^

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    Sad and weird, don`t want this to anyone ..

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    What The Fu**

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