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    Default WWE RAW ratings from 7/22/13 are in

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    Monday's WWE Raw scored a 2.94 rating, down from the 3.04 rating the show drew last week. As previously noted, Raw averaged 4.005 million viewers, down from the 4.1 million viewers from last week.

    Powell's POV: Raw went up against the MLB Home Run Derby last week and topped the 3.0 mark, yet they fellow below it this time around without any notable special programming as competition.

    The following are the quarter-hour ratings for Monday's WWE Raw television show.

    Q1: 3.0 rating - Brad Maddox hosts the John Cena and Daniel Bryan contract signing, Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus teaser

    Q2: 2.7 rating - Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus in a non-title match, two commercial breaks

    Q3: 2.9 rating - Del Rio vs. Sheamus continuation, Booker T and Teddy Long backstage, Christian entrance, two commercial breaks

    Q4: 2.9 rating - Christian vs. Titus O'Neil, Ryback backstage promo, Mark Henry promo

    Q5: 3.2 rating - Mark Henry calls out The Shield, The Uso's save Henry, John Cena and Daniel Bryan talk backstage, Dolph Ziggler vs. Darren Young

    Q6: 3.1 rating - Ziggler vs. Young continuation with Big E Langston and A.J. Lee out post match, MizTV with the cast of Total Divas and Jerry Lawler

    Q7: 2.9 rating - Maddox, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon backstage, Wyatt Family video, Fandango and Summer Rae entrance, two commercial breaks

    Q8: 2.9 rating - Cody Rhodes vs. Fandango with Damien Sandow on commentary, C.M. Punk promo

    Q9: 3.1 rating - Punk continuation with Paul Heyman on the big screen, Rob Van Dam vs. Wade Barrett

    Q10: 2.8 rating - RVD vs. Barrett continuation, Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger

    Q11: 2.8 rating - Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro, two commercial breaks

    Q12: 3.0 rating - Bryan vs. Cesaro continuation, Maddox and Alex Riley backstage, Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback

    Overrun: 3.2 rating - Bryan vs. Ryback continuation, John Cena saves Bryan, Vince McMahon talks with Maddox backstage, Bryan in-ring celebration

    Powell's POV: The Bryan segments performed well. Quarter 11 doesn't look all that impressive, but the two commercial breaks clearly drove the number down. The growth for the final quarter and the overrun are to be expected. So while the Bryan segments didn't pop huge numbers, they seem to be in line with what Raw would normally draw in those quarter-hours. For those who missed it earlier, Raw delivered a 2.94 rating with 4.005 million viewers.

    Source: ProWrestling.net

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    Not a very good Rating this week again, even the Show wasn't that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InvincibleOne View Post
    Not a very good Rating this week again, even the Show wasn't that bad.

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    Well, back in attitude era everyone was used to watch it live on tv and not online like us so that's why the rating was always high but now especially USA network ratings count not of millions who watch online like us or even on tv from countries like India, Pakistan, Sri-lanka and all that.
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    I think ratings have a lagged effect, if people hear previous week was good, then they tune in next week, they wont automatically know how good a show is if they are not watching, if they think it's shit, too bad, they logged the viewing...



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