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    Default Digital Tutors-Jean-Michel Bihorel-Facial Tracking Workflows in 3DEqualizer and Maya(Advanced)

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    Digital Tutors-Jean-Michel Bihorel-Facial Tracking Workflows in 3DEqualizer and Maya(Advanced)
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    In this tutorial, we will learn to track inside 3DEqualizer an object. We'll start by explaining what is important for the preparation of a monitoring object. Then we will see how to get a grid to calibrate later, a goal to remove the distortion. We'll also take a look at the tracking method interviewed before we follow our first time. We then take a look at the tools available in 3DEqualizer improve a solution or to discover some unknown parameters. We then set up our Maya scene after our distorted images with the module chain 3DEqualizer. Then we will make our CG elements with the mental ray renderer passes combine them back together inside the composite. After this is a lesson which the final premium shot we have is a little more difficult to solve.

    Maya 2012,
    Composite 2012

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