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    Default The Shield Explain Why They Attacked Mark Henry, TNA Joke Going Around at Money in the Bank PPV

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    - There was a backstage joke going around at Money in the Bank, saying the crowd in Philadelphia was larger than the total crowds combined for the time that Rob Van Dam worked for TNA.

    - WWE aired a video on the App last night of The Shield discussing why they attacked Mark Henry. Dean Ambrose said Henry could have been anything he wanted in WWE but he's a disappointment because he's not hungry and has no heart. Ambrose says Henry won't get another shot at the WWE Title because he doesn't deserve one. Ambrose added that there's not a lot of time left for guys like Henry.

    Roman Reigns called Henry an old dog and told him to go home and sit his big butt on the couch. Seth Rollins said The Shield are the most important thing going and Henry is just a clog of injustice in a system that should have been shut down a long time ago.

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    This could be sign that John Cena maybe the one turning heel in Randy Cena Feud.
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    **** wwe for making this joke
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    lol sad but true..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendKiller. View Post
    This could be sign that John Cena maybe the one turning heel in Randy Cena Feud.
    No I Don't THink

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