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    Default I have been transformed from a tomboy into a damsel - Karishma Modi

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    Karishma Modi who essays the role of the feisty lady cop Kashish in Life OK’s Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath (Fireworks Productions) would earlier play the culprit in Sony Entertainment Television’s CID. The actress had won the Femina Look of the Year in 1999 and was awarded Miss Talented at the Elite Model Look '99 in France. She wasn’t keen on doing a show which required her to be on the sets for twenty days in a month. She changed her mind on being offered Kashish’s role as it was a very dynamic one.

    However, she hardly got any time to prepare for the show. To get into the skin of the character, she started living it instead. She quips, “After all my real name Karishma is quite similar sounding to my reel name Kashish.”

    Talking about her role she says, “The role of a righteous, disciplined and no nonsense cop greatly appealed to me. Additionally, I get to do so many stunts on this series.”

    Little wonder then that this amazing lady who does her own stunts, comes from a sports background. She had represented India at roller skating in the Asian Games and was actively involved in sporting activities during her school days. Regarding her transition from a sportswoman to an actress, she jokes, “I have been transformed from a tomboy into a damsel.”

    Just as we had expected, her role has won the hearts of viewers. “Previously, when kids would come up to me and tell me that they wanted to be pretty and glamorous like me when they grew up, I would explain to them to focus on their studies instead as this was just acting. Nowadays when they come up to me and say that they want to be a cop like my screen character, I encourage them.”

    Men and women from various sections of the society love her character. She shares with us, “A fisherwoman who lives in a chawl in Madh Village came up to me and said that she had loved it the way I hit a criminal on the show.”

    The pretty actress’s pre-condition to accept this role was that she shouldn’t be a show piece on it. “Initially, I was skeptical as I did not want to simply stand next to the guys. I feel it is condescending when just men are doing all the work and women have nothing much to do. I made sure that the role was a meaningful one.”

    During the course of essaying this role she started admiring the police all the more. “Many people jump to the conclusion that the police are useless. I feel that they do a lot of hard work.”

    The actress admires Kavita Kaushik who stars as police officer Chandramukhi Chautala in SAB TV’s FIR.

    “I think Kavita was the best choice for the role as she is so high in energy and confidence. She has made her reel character so humorous and entertaining.” She also has very fond memories of Doordarshan’s Udaan in which the female protagonist Kalyani (Kavita Choudhary) fights all odds to be an IPS officer.

    We quizzed her as to whether the Super Cops vs Super Villain episodes on Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath are targeted primarily at children. She replies, “They were meant for viewers of all age groups but kids are enjoying it a lot too. Actually people of various age brackets including senior citizens like our series.”

    We will keep on updating you on this serial.



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