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    Default Knowing Piggy Chops's Raashee takes a lot of time

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    When all the film makers these days are coming up with short and specific films Ashutosh Gowarikar on the other hand seems very content about his long and elaborate films. What’s Your Rashee?

    His latest flick is once again a three hour-long tale, wherein the film will have 13 songs. In the current scenario where even the multiplexes favor films with two-hours of running time, Ashutosh doesn’t seem to be bothered at all.

    According to him the length of the film has nothing to do with its success and if that is the reason then films like Lagaan and Jodha Akbar wouldn’t have done well at all.

    The film is based on a well-known novel Kimball Ravenswood, by Madhu Rye. The story is about a groom and his rendezvous with 12 prospective brides.

    According to Ashutosh it was not an easy job to picturise all the characters and tracks from the original novel. With the permission of the author the entire novel was modified to make a film out of it.

    Well with three and a half hours of reel, it looks like Harman has to struggle really hard to find out all about the 12 avatars of his ex-flame Piggy Chops.

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