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    Default Local builder bullies Ekta Kapoor's Balaji team over land issue

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    Ekta Kapoor is one helluva enraged daughter. On Tuesday afternoon, her father was subjected to humiliation and violence of the highest order over the matter of the possession of their land in Mira Road (Thane district) in Mumbai purchased on behalf of Balaji Films by Jeetendra.

    On Tuesday evening, the builders claiming to have earlier possession of the land purchased by Balaji, barged into the land. According to Ekta these men with no claim over the land, used the local police force to intimidate Balaji's men out of the land.
    Ekta is enraged beyond words. "How can they do this to us in a city like Mumbai? We bought the land after four land searches. Then we bought the land and got all the proper documents. We also gave an ad in the paper saying, if anyone has any claim over the land, please come forward. Having done all that, some builders have come forward to claim it's their land. Shockingly they came to our land yesterday with cops and took our people to jail. The cops have illegally removed our people when we've all the papers. Because the other builder is a dada, they've put my people in jail."

    Ekta's dad rushed to the troubled spot yesterday evening although it wasn't safe.
    Admits Ekta, "It's quite unsafe. It was open dadagiri and my dad was unstoppable. That land owner who claims that the property we bought is his, has property all around that place. So he is shameless about his bullying. How can they bully my people out of my land? We've all the papers in order. As a responsible company, Balaji was very careful before buying the property. How can the cops trouble us like this?"

    Ekta and his family are planning to sue the police. Says Ekta, "The police's attitude is shocking. I'm going to create a huge uproar about this. RNA builders are using all kinds of muscle power to get us out of our own land. If this can happen to Balaji, can you imagine what happens to ordinary people?"

    Says Balaji lawyer Sandeep Singh Sidhu, "There is a status quo order by Mumbai High Court. Without honouring that particular order, RNA played quite dirty. All their papers are forged. Their claims have been thrown out of Thane court and Mumbai High court. I think the local police was approached by RNA and they tried to dispossess us forcibly at around 5 pm on Tuesday. The way they've gone about it anything can happen."

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