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    Unhappy Friendship never dies...

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    True Friendship is a daily struggle.

    Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
    Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts.
    And we are never, ever the same...

    Friendship Never Dies
    by Debra Oliver

    A friendship like ours
    will never die.
    Even when to heaven
    you must fly.

    I'll cherish your memory
    and the good times we shared.
    I want you to know
    just how much I cared.

    You were more like family
    not just a good friend.
    Someone special to me
    you were a godsend.

    We could talk and we'd laugh
    and yes, argue too.
    Yet, no matter what
    our friendship pulled through.

    When your time has come
    I'll shed my tears
    but, just for now
    I'll hide my fears.

    I believe it's the body
    not the soul that ends.
    So be sure to wait
    when for me God sends.

    Meet me over there
    on the other side
    when after here on earth
    my body has died.

    Then again we'll laugh
    and maybe cry too.
    Just remember for now
    that I'll always love you.

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    thats true friendship never die

    but if u have friends who u think tht thy r too close to u

    and u cant live without them

    and last u discover that thy are cheater

    nothing except pain and hate stay in heart but friendship it dies

    sometimes u lost friends n u wanna be back to thm but thy dont accept u

    on tht time friendship dies for thm

    its precious thing in life

    some ppl says i dont have friends but friends are every whr

    some time thy r from yur own family and sometimes a new person come and become your best friend n u may never imagine it befor

    thanx for such topic ^^



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