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    Default Madison Rayne Claims Miss Tessmacher Wears Same Under Garments for Every Big Match

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    Madison Rayne "spills dirt" on Miss Tessmacher in this week's Knockout Blog as she rants on the fellow former TNA Women's Knockout Champion's high-maintenance ways.

    "This week, you are going to get a little behind the scenes 411 on the one and only, the Knockout who is more high maintenance than anyone else on Godís green earth, Miss ďass-gustingĒ herself, Miss Tessmacher! Iím not quite sure where to even begin with this girl.

    "The beauty of feuding with just about every Knockout in the locker room is that Iíve seen how they act on the road, Iíve seen the inside of their gear bags and this girl takes the cake when it comes to needy and finicky! For starters, everywhere she goes she packs a foam roller and a rolling pin?! The roller I can understand. We all get a little beat up from time to time and need a quick fix before the next match. But a rolling pin? I donít even WANT TO KNOW! I also know that she wears the exact same under garments for every big match. I hope her pretty little brain can efficiently work a washer and dryer. Maybe she just buys stock in the same bra, socks andÖ never mind. Again, I donít even WANT to know!

    "One thing I do want to know though, is WHY I have caught her on more than one occasion warming up for a match by ďbooty poppingĒ to Baby Got Back? Really? I need to sit some of these ladies down and give them a lesson on class and elegance! Not hyping themselves up to the lyrics ďyou can do side bends or sit ups, but please donít lose that butt!Ē Thinking about all the things Tessmacher does that drives me insane is going to give me a wrinkle!"

    Rayne also addresses Brooke Hogan, who she feels is making poor decisions as Knockouts division executive.



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