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    Thumbs up I want to be happy: A R Rahman

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    So full are Rahmanís hands with current assignments in the West that he has decided not to accept any new films. ďAt the moment, Iím racing against time to complete the Indian projects Iíve on hand and that includes Mani Ratnamís Raavana, Rajnikanthís animation film Sultan and Tony DíSouzaís Blue. The last new assignment I accepted was Abbas Tyrewalaís 1:800-LOVE. Iíve stopped taking on anymore for now.Ē

    Rahman is going through a schizophrenic phase. He says, ďIn the studio, my outer self has to be completely switched off. But when Iím at international public events, Iíve to be all there, shaking hands, making friendly talk. Iíve to ensure that I am saying the right things. Iíve to prepare myself physically, look into the mirror and make sure my hair and tie are in place.Ē

    Rahman doesnít mind letting his Ďouter selfí look dapper. But people around him donít seem that comfortable with his upgraded look. Chuckles Rahman, ďMy south Indian friends say, ĎOh look at himÖ heís changed!í And that makes me uncomfortable. I realise I have to go out there with a certain amount of dignity and even style. I know Iím representing my country and everyone is watching.Ē

    Itís not easy being Indiaís brand ambassador in the West. And Rahman, shy and reclusive at the best of times, finds it tough to assume his new gregarious, well-groomed persona with international brands vying to dress him up from head to toe.

    ďItís all new to me. Iíve just begun to get a hang of it. But Iím not uncomfortable,Ē he says. At the moment, Rahman is fighting off the temptation of taking on too many international assignments. He explains, ďI take on what is physically possible. Money is not the main criteria. If I did anything for money, everything will fall flat. I want to do only those assignments to which I can give my fullest.Ē

    However Rahman admits money is important. He says, ďMoney is not my dream. But it fulfils my dreams. The way I travel and accompanying expenses are costly. It is, for me, my family and my childrenís future.Ē

    With success, come the riders. He says, ďMy wife dreamt that one day Iíd win an Oscar which I did. But after that Iíve been constantly traveling. The kids are growing up now and one of us has to look after them. Iím spending as much time with them as I can. Or trying to make them part of what I do so they can be with me.Ē

    At the moment, Rahman has only one ambition. ďI want to be happy.Ē

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