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    SRK says his reaction to his detention at a US airport is not a publicity stunt

    “I don’t want to sound pompous, but Shahrukh Khan doesn’t need any publicity,” said the superstar at a press conference at his residence in Mumbai on Tuesday while answering the allegations that he’s overreacting to his detention at Newark Airport in US last Saturday to garner publicity for his film My Name Is Khan which, incidentally, is based on a somewhat similar theme of the prejudice a Muslim faces in the US.

    “It's not a publicity stunt. My film is coming almost nine months later and it's not a matter of pride to be questioned at the airport,” Shahrukh Khan told the reporters.

    Recalling the whole incident, SRK said what surprised him was the “bizarre and irrelevant questions” the authorities asked him instead of following the proper security procedure.

    “I try to follow the rules of the country I travel to…But I never experienced this kind of treatment. It was embarrassing. There are some routine security measures but that process was not followed. Instead, the authorities asked me bizarre and irrelevant questions,” SRK revealed.

    While the superstar was gracious to assert that he has no grouse against the officials at the airport, he still wishes the whole procedure could be made “less cumbersome” and that the authorities could show “a little warmth” towards the people traveling to the US.

    On the allegation by the Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh that SRK is blowing the issue out of proportion to publicize his film, the superstar had a satirical response: “Amar Singh ji is unwell. I sincerely wish him good health and may he return with a healthy body and strong mind”.

    When told that Salman Khan thinks being detained at a US airport is “no big deal”, SRK said: “Every person has his opinion based on his experiences. Salman is right when he says it’s no big deal because that’s how he feels, not me.”

    Reacting to Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni’s view that the visitors from the US should be frisked likewise when they come to India, SRK showed his characteristic humour by saying he’d love to frisk Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox when they visit the country.

    Well, his sense of humour is still intact.


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