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    Default Punk vs austin storyline

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    Pending this feud was green lit and it were up to me as the booker, I'd do 2 matches between them.

    Match 1)
    The first one I'd promote as this huge big time icon match as face vs face and as Austin's huge return match. I'd build it as a respect feud where Austin said Punk reminded him of himself, and Punk will go with it, but there will be hints that he isn't totally favorable of Austin.

    In the finish I'd have Austin win cleanly and Punk snap and beat Austin down.

    Match 2)
    Then at Mania 31 I'd have the rematch, with Punk going in as a heel and Austin as the pissed off rattlesnake ready for revenge. I'd do the whole straightedge vs alcohol feud, where Punk can talk about how austin reminded him of his alcoholic father and how much he hated how Austin glorified all the demons that his father struggled to overcome. He hated how Austin glorified drinking on a humungous scale as the biggest star of wrestling. I'd make the feud aa intense as possible and have Punk cut extremely emotional and intense promos like the ones he did on Raven in ROH and make it a really personal feud, rather than icon match.

    In this match I'd have Punk kick out of a couple stunners in a brutal and physical match, and finally win after a third GTS. Post-match I'd have Punk shake Austin's hand and then Austin stun the shit out of him, followed by proverbial tip of the hat, and a one man beer celebration while Punk is KO'd on the mat. That visual would be immense and would send the fans home happy, while effectively turning Punk back to face for the rest of his remaining career.

    How would you all do this feud if it happens? Give me your thoughts.

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    nice idea.i like it.i can think of some changes ,but your ideas are awesome.maybe if punk is heel in the 1st match and face at the 2nd will be better,but i'm not sure.

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    nice ideas , but i don't think that WWE would be able to write a script leading to it :/

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    I just wanna see that match I don't care If they are heels or faces

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    Awesome Idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemafekho View Post
    I just wanna see that match I don't care If they are heels or faces
    Haha exactly! Give us that Match!!

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    Pretty much what has been said in the previous posts, perhaps the match itself could be far interesting than the storyline(s) surrounding/creating it.

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    Pretty sure this match NEVER gonna happen and to be honest at this point in Austin's career, I would rather watch CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania(s)

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    Nice idea

    Dont forget to say Thanks



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