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    Default If love is the answer, asks Mandira & Samir

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    Is there anything good about bad relationships?

    Apparently, there is! They provide the best plots for theatre productions. Throw in good looking, talented actors and some humour and what you have is a rib-tickling play that will leave the audience with a memory that they are not likely to forget in a hurry. The Times Chennai Festival brings you Anything But Love, a play that explores human relationships, directed by Vikranth Pawar and produced by Raell Padamsee.

    This dialogue-oriented play is about Aneesh and Seema, a couple who bump into each other at a restaurant, five years after their divorce. They decide to catch up on each other’s lives over a drink and that triggers a whole lot of emotions. The play explores love, ecstasy and the expectations of the estranged couple. With Samir Soni and Mandira Bedi playing the protagonists, the play presents the intense yet humorous side of married life. Says Samir Soni, “If you’ve been in a relationship, want to be in one, married, divorced or just single, you will connect with this play. I play the role of Aneesh — an ordinary guy who thinks he is logical, yet insecure, occasionally funny and very jealous. Although Aneesh and Seema are divorced, they still have feelings for each other. This is evident when they meet up accidentally. It’s a powerful role that brings out the character of a typical man.”

    Seema, on the other hand, played by Mandira Bedi, believes that she is the more mature one, yet is compulsively emotional and a little insecure. And, the on-stage chemistry that Samir and Mandira share is priceless. “Mandira and I have been good friends for long. She’s a great person to work with and if at all I make any mistake with my lines, she’s the first one to point it out,” laughs Samir.

    Mandira, on the other hand, is no perfectionist, but believes in doing things well. “After all, it’s just the two of us on stage. It’s up to us to fill in for each other in case of a slip-up,” she explains.

    The role, that has varied shades, sees Mandira breaking down. “On stage, there’s no time for glycerine. The only way I can portray intense emotions authentically is by going back and drawing on my own life experiences,” she says.

    Mandira recently enthralled the city with a superlative stage performance and is returning to do it again. “I love the Chennai audience, which is very responsive. This encourages us to perform even better,” she says. Samir would be lost if left alone in the city. “I don’t know Chennai too well, but one person who comes to mind is Rajinikanth. I’m a big fan of his — I admire him as an actor and even more as a human being.”

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