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    Default With Shapath, people are being treated to a different form of fiction entertainment: Aamir Dalvi

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    Talented actor Aamir Dalvi is extremely happy with the progress of his Life OK show, Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath (Fireworks Productions).

    “When I had entered this show last September, we were rating only 0.5 an now we have touched 1.4 TVR. So we have clocked a nearly 100 per cent rise in numbers and have grown in all quarters. What has really worked is the great synergy between the channel and the producer,” avers Aamir.

    Talking about this up swing, Aamir says, “All along, we have been trying to get the right kind of audiences. Earlier, we have been getting viewers who were linking us to similar other shows such as Crime Patrol and Savdhan India etc though they were non-fictional and our show is fictional. With this new super villain story, we are roping in kids. So people are being treated to a different form of fiction entertainment.”

    Describing his character Aamir details, “Senior-Inspector Kavi was one time a roadside tapori and police informer. But as he was educated the local ACP convinced him to change lest he is either bumped off or sent behind bars. So the ACP trains him and makes him join the force. He is very brave and daring. There is a funny bone to him as well which is not deliberate.”

    How did you work on the tapori lingo? “Being a born and bred Mumbaikar, I know the city’ slang language very well and the best part is that even here different people speak the lingo in an unique way. Like a Maharashtrian will not speak Hindi in the same way as a Muslim from Mohammed Ali road will. I mix it up all,” he laughingly concedes.

    At this point, Aamir, who has been around in the tellyland for many years observes, “This show is different from other projects I have done earlier, in the sense that every Saturday or Sunday, we have a new story. So, we are not dragging one issue over three or four weeks. Since we also have new locations and characters in every episode, there is not an iota of monotony. Cop-based crime themes are the new rage. Last but not the least, we are not dealing with kitchen politics and that comes as a big relief.”

    “One big change in my career has been that for the first time in the last few years, I have managed to get a show which has survived for nearly 12 months. Prior to this, my other recent shows like Sanskar Laxmi (autistic character ), Jyoti (lover boy) and Jeevan Saath did not last long,” Aamir maintains.

    Looking ahead, Aamir now wants to turn to films like few of his TV counterparts have successfully done. “Now, this is possible as new kinds of films are being made where script is the king. Also TV actors now are very well versed in the acting craft.”



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