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    Default Do you like the current Triple H angle?

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    The Triple H angle has been going on for about 2 or 3 weeks and it is about the McMahon Family not wanting Triple H to ever wrestle again after he suffered a concussion on the RAW after Extreme Rules where he faced Brock Lesnar and got hit in the jaw with the sledgehammer. The next night, he faced Curtis Axel (new Paul Heyman Guy) and suffered a storyline-concussion by selling his injuries from his match with Lesnar.

    WWE Creative intends to extend the storyline by having possible appearances from Triple H's children, Linda McMahon and many relatives of Triple H.

    Do you like the current Triple H angle?

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    I don't hate him but don:t like him either.

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    I don't like it really. It gives Triple H more TV time, but the talk about not letting him fight because it is family Entertainment and no ruthless brutal Show, is so annoying. It will probably continue that Vince will be crying like a lil bi*** again this week and Triple H won't fight. Actually it's pretty stupid if you're a Wrestler, and your family wants you to retire because of a concussion. They should have got something wrong about the Business than. So if Triple H should retire because of that, then you can say Dolph Ziggler should have to retire also.

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    I don't have a special opinion about it, I think that this storyline would've worked better if they had Triple H to compete against a high-impact wrestler, not against "Curtis Axel". Someone like Good Ol' Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Kassius Ohno, Antonio Cesaro, or a young (NXT) star like Corey Graves...

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    This segment is somekind of tribute to Mc'Mahon family couse they literaly "own" WWE , they just wanna give themselves some air time with a booring storyline .

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    It's a bit.... different so to speak.

    It's nice to see the McMahons again and I thought Hunter would disappear right after collapsing the first time while letting Curtis Axel remain intact with his 'victory'. But I was wrong and Hunter is still around which is nice to see. I want to know how things go from here.

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    The obvious heel actions with no real reason as there was hardly a reaction from the crowd from Stephanie "You're all very selfish" to the crowd was the first impression that pissed me off about this.

    It's a disaster from the start and if this is the best WWE creative have it's just a big letdown

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    I totally like the idea.
    Tell me the last really personal feud. If you are coming up with this AJ Lee love stories ima dropkick you into your face !
    Feuds based on personal (real personal) stories are the best and most entertaining.
    Remember this one?

    Also i think this is not just about HHH wrestling again. But i would bet my ass that this will end in a showdown between HHH and Vince ! First hints for this can be seen at last week's RAW.
    And if you remember the old feuds which include the McMahon family, they have always been funny,entertaining and dirty !
    Maybe the split up the lockerroom into two rival groups again, or make it RAW vs Smackdown again.
    Right now the Wrestlers just show off where ever they are planned for. Make it two almost seperate shows again and give some Mid-Card Wrestlers the chance to proof themselves.

    I think this storyline is the most promising whe have seen lately in the WWE.

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    lame. they can do better this ..

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    They're trying to bring back the Attitude Era in a PG way. Let me tell you this, not gonna happen. Everyone will hate it, except of course the children.

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    No. Because I think they should give more tv time to the young wrestlers who deserve it
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    Vince turned heel I guess ... maybe setting up for a triple h vs vince mcmahon at summerslam or wm 30 ?



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