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    Default \★\ Three mistakes of Abhishek’s life /★/

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    The 3 rona’s

    While Abhi has had quite a few misses in the choice of his films, his three most unbearable films of recent times were Umrao Jaan, Delhi 6 and Drona. Other than wifey Ash, nobody really realised AB was in Umrao Jaan. The film was a picnic for the two of them and sadly got filmed for the public to view.

    Raybans and a fake accent made Abhishek an NRI in Delhi 6 and we wished we could have been deported to the U.S that very instant! Drona was the biggest rona of the year for his action superstar effort? Well if he’d got some real tight tights on he could have been a gay icon in the least! What say? That's better than being a wimpy superhero.

    Take your job seriously

    Doing a film called Naach when you don’t know the ABC of Dance, to play an action hero with a beer belly and riding a bike as though it’s a tricycle. Abhishek does no home-work before he takes on a role and actually feels his last name will pretty much do most of the work for him. Makes us wonder what kind of research he carried out for his role in Dostana or did he?Oh the things that make him coy! Get real.


    An annoying mistake indeed, he knows he has a trophy wife but all that PDA is really getting to us. Abhishek’s only claim to fame could be Aishwarya Rai and Daddy Bachchan and its high time the actor stopped piggybacking on them. Apart from Dostana, pretty much all his films echo Big B’s presence and all his red carpet events are worthless without Aishwarya. The actor has a long way to go before he creates an individual presence and maybe a couple of sequels to Dostana can help bring that eh? Every time he talks about his wife, its always about how he is her biggest fan and how he married the most beautiful woman in the world, and blah-blah, yada-yada, yawn! Get over her, and stop doing every other film with her to prove it. The couple is very soon going to have an over-exposure burnout in the paparazzi circle. She is ageing before him (she's older), does he think she's the most incandescent when he wakes up beside her every morning? Oh boy, big mistake!


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