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    It isn't the size of your house as such
    That matters so much at all.
    It's the gentle hand and its loving touch,
    That make it great or small.

    The friends who come and the hour they
    Who out of your house depart,
    Will judge it not by the style you show,
    But rather by the size of your heart.

    It isn't the size of your head so much,
    It isn't the wealth you found.
    That will make you happy -- it's how you touch
    The lives that are all around.

    For making money is not hard --
    To live life well is an art:
    How people love you, how they regard,
    Is all in the size of your heart.
    ThanKss & Regard :

    " I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.. "



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