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    Default Ashmit Patel is not a proud Indian

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    Ashmit Patel

    Ashmit Patel is awaiting his destiny to flip with his forthcoming films, but expresses the discontentment over the destiny of the country in the current scenario. ďI donít take pride in being an Indian. As we respect our personal space, but once we step out of our space we donít respect anything around us. We lack the civic sense and also, love for the country. I am proud of my roots where I come from, but I am not proud of us as a country.

    Ashmit adds ďMumbai gets attacked by the terrorists, we come together to light up candles, but four to five months later we donít turn up to vote in elections. Stop talking about patriotism, but do something for the country,Ē said not-so-proud Indian. UmmÖ Ashmit dearie, donít they say- Hate something change something

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    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    thanks for sharing



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