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    Default Aish-Hrithik vs. Aish-Abhi?

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    Aishwarya Rai is perhaps the only actress of recent times who is still working in the biggest of films, with the biggest of banners, biggest directors, and top costars even though she is 35 years old and married. But of recent her costars for the last three years have only been Hrihtik and her husband Abhishek. In 2006, she did Umrao Jaan with Abhishek, and Dhoom 2 with both Abhi and Hrithik. In 2007, she did Guru with Abhishek. In 2008, she did Jodhaa Akbar with Hrithik, and Sarkaar Raj with Abhishek. Now she is doing Raavna with Abhishek and Guzzarish with Hrihtik. The only other film of hers with another costar is Action Replay with Akshay. There is perhaps a reason for this. Firstly, none of the Khans will work with Aishwarya because of personal differences. The likes of Shahid, John, Ranbir, appear to young to costar with her. Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan are not bankable enough for her to work with them at this stage of her career. It seems Hrithik And Abishek (and an occasional Akshay) are her only choices.

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