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    Default ★ The much grounded Vidya Balan is a class apart ★

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    Vidya Balan has managed to carve her own niche in Bollywood in quick time now since the time she debuted. But despite achieving name, fame and glory, Vidya has never let it affect her personal life. It is the little things of life that she finds joy in.

    Sources close to her reveal, “Vidya is much grounded as a person and knows the fact that success and fame are short-lived. They are means of temporary happiness. Vidya does not revel in them. In fact what makes her happy could be as small as taking a walking in a park or reading a book of her favourite author.”

    Also, her college days in Cambridge are memories that are closest to her heart. Cambridge has a huge campus and she would be sitting by a stream, listening to music and reading a book. Vidya even enjoyed cooking for her friends. They were the best days of her life. She was like any other foreign student. It is these things that light up Vidya ‘s face,” continues our source.

    Even though Vidya is busy with her shoots as she is most often the actress goes on long walks to refresh herself. Recently Vidya while shooting for Ishquiyan at Wai often went for walks into the fields or near the river side. She used to often go boating with the unit members.


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