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    Default Genelia, Tusshar & Prachi's wish list

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    Studio 18 and Abbas Mustan’s Life Partner, releasing today, is the journey of two individuals who eventually realise the importance of each Tusshar Kapoor and Prachi Desai Tusshar Kapoor and Prachi Desai More Pics other and become true life partners. And of course, the lead actors in the film also have their views on the qualities they’d like in their real life partners. Genelia, who is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood currently, has no time for love, at least not yet. “I’m so involved in my career at the moment, I haven’t given too much thought to how my life partner should be,” she says. She’s sure that looks will not be the deciding factor. “Looks are subjective,” says the youngster. “Honesty and understanding are more important,’” she stresses. She also says that her man should complete her, and communicate well. “Often, two people who fail to communicate well with one another fail in a relationship,” she says. She says her partner needn’t have tastes similar to hers, but as long as they share a healthy respect for the relationship, the marriage will work out. Interestingly, Tusshar Kapoor, the leading man of the film, thinks exactly the opposite. “I’ve heard love is blind and cliches like ‘opposites attract’,” says he. But he feels that common interests are what will make a marriage work. Love and passion may wane with time, but common interests can keep a couple going. “Everyone just talks of wanting to marry a beautiful woman,” he says. “However, what is more important to me is that my partner must be intelligent, loyal and she must have depth. I feel drawn to a personality rather than beauty that is just skin-deep. Strength of character is so much more attractive,” he smiles. Prachi Desai, who plays Tusshar’s life partner in the film, has a diverse set of views on the issue. “The list of qualities I will look for in my dream man is long,” she giggles. “I want him to be good-looking for sure.” Prachi also wants her husband to have a perfect sense of humour and more importantly, he must know to dance, she says. “Ever since I did a dance reality show, I’m obsessed with dance. I want my man to know Latin dancing, so we can do the Salsa together,” she says. “A life partner must also love unconditionally,” says Prachi. “There should be no ego battles. Compatibility is more important than love. What would really make a marriage complete is the vibe. If the vibe is right, a marriage will be blissful.” The three may have different expectations, but there’s one point they all agree on – Life Partner has the right vibe, they feel.

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