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    Default Sandhya to juggle between her studies and Mohit and Emily's wedding preparations in Diya Aur Baati H

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    The marriage issue of Mohit (Varunn Jain) and Emily (Pooja Singh) has been finally resolved in Star Plusí Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Pvt. Ltd).

    Now itís time for a new issue to crop up.

    As per a reliable source, in the upcoming episodes, Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) will back out from the marriage responsibilities of the two. This is when Sandhya (Deepika Singh) will step in and take up the onus.

    However, this will not go down well with Bhabho and she will purposely decide on getting Mohit and Emily married just a day before Sandhya's final exams.

    Furthermore, we hear that Sandhya will be left with no other option but to prepare for their wedding as well as for her exams.

    So, will she be able to prepare for her exams in time? Just wait and watch.

    When we contacted Deepika, she said, ďWhat Sandhya is about to face is something that a lot of us have faced in our real lives. Our final exams are always during March and thatís when weddings take place. Therefore, either people concentrate on the celebration or studies. But, one needs to balance things.Ē

    Keep reading this space for more updatesÖ.



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