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    Default Iron Man 3 Earns $15.6 Million at Opening Night Screenings

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    If you didn't expect Iron Man 3 to do well, then you haven't been paying attention.

    As the first summer blockbuster, Iron Man 3 kicked off Marvel Phase 2 with a $15.6 million opening night box office gross.

    Iron Man 3's opening night earnings suggest that the film will make at least $150 million in its first weekend.

    Compare the numbers to The Avengers' $18.7 million, which led to record-breaking box office numbers.

    Were you one of the moviegoers who contributed to IM3's opening night numbers? If not, do you plan to see the movie today?

    Read our Iron Man 3 review to find out why we thought it was one of the best superhero movies ever made (seriously).

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    Watched it, didnt liked it
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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