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    One of the victims of big star omnipresence is Jiah Khan. The dusky actress was left out in the cold from all Ghajini publicity.

    The one voice of dissent in the glamorous event of the movie 'Kites' at Cannes that we did not heard was of Kangna Ranaut. No one invited Kangana, strange! Considering she's the leading lady of the film, her name was not on the list to Cannes. Even the initial publicity of Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Fashion' ignored Kangana.

    Another victim of broken promises is Sonam Kapoor. She was scheduled to the join Ash on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. However, Ash was not pleased by L'Oreal's decision to include young and beautiful Sonam in the festival and thus, Sonam was told to stay home instead. Our sympathies to poor Sonam.

    The focus of Billu's publicity was on Shah Rukh Khan and the three actresses in the item songs and the real heroine of the film, Lara Dutta, was nowhere to be seen.

    Southern sensation Asin hit it big in Bollywood with 'Ghajini', but when it came to the promotional activities, Aamir Khan overshadowed her. Though Asin had an explanation for her absence at publicity events, but the public knows it all.




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