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    Default Piyush Sahdev 'does get scared' before performing his stunts but 'never backs out'

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    Piyush Sahdev, better known as Senior Inspector Abhigyan of Life OK’s Hum Ne Li Hai …Shapath (Fireworks Productions) is one actor who has been fortunate enough to be part of a show where he gets to perform some extremely dangerous stunts. But this does not mean that he does not get scared before attempting them.

    “Since the show is designed in a way where we have to perform a lot of stunts, there is no way out. At the same time I do not like using a body double as I feel the impact that the audiences will have with us in the scene will not be achieved with a body double. Above all, it is more like cheating the audiences,” says the talented star.

    So does he get scared before performing these stunts? “I obviously do like any other person as they are extremely dangerous. Yes, we do take basic precautionary measures but you just can’t be calm and composed before doing them.”

    Talking about a few dangerous stunts he tells us, “Recently I had to shoot for a scene where I had to lie under a crane. In that scene the crane had to move over me but I get saved. I think it was extremely dangerous. Also there was this scene where we were chasing a culprit on the roof of houses in Ahmedabad. Since the roofs of these houses are made of cemented patra, my feet went into it a couple of times. On the whole, it is dangerous but it is fun at the same time. I hardly remember the day when I sat in my make-up room. We are always outside doing adventurous stuffs.”

    Great work, Piyush!!



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