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    Default Raavana stresses out Abhi, Ash, Mani

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    It is a known fact that Mani Ratnam’s Raavana is simultaneously being made in two languages, Hindi and Tamil.

    This apparently is causing the director more stress than he had bargained for. The film has apparently exceeded its budget and is nearly a 90-crore project now.

    Since the flavour in Hindi and Tamil is totally different, Mani needs to constantly monitor the two actors, Abhishek Bachchan and Vikram, who play the lead in the two versions. A source close to the film said, “Abhishek gives a shot in a more subtle way for the Hindi audiences. The very next minute Vikram steps into the same shot in Tamil and the scale and pitch of emotions have to go up dramatically for the Tamil audience.”

    Adding to the crew’s woes is the fact that Vikram also features in the Hindi version, playing a different role from the one that he plays in Tamil. “He has to be constantly reminded to lower and raise his voice scale in Hindi and Tamil respectively. So it’s a constant revision in the tone and that’s taking its toll on the entire crew too. Besides, there are animals and insects in the jungle and the cast and crew keep falling ill often,” explained our source

    Adding to Mani’s trouble considerably is the fact that his brother G Venkateswaran, who handled the finance of Mani’s films projects, passed away under tragic circumstances two years ago. The source said, “Mani’s brother looked after the entire production and financial aspects of Mani’s films while Mani concentrated on making the film. Now, for the first time he is being forced to cope with production hassles too. Moreover, the film has exceeded its budget. It’s reportedly close to Rs 90 crores. Mani is finding it hard to cope. Luckily, Raavana is shaping into a dream project.”

    Meanwhile, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan who is common in both the versions of the film said, “All I can say at this point about Mani’s film is, it’s like nothing Abhishek or I have ever done before. Guru was a different world and this one has a completely different theme from Guru. You can’t expect Mani sir to go into the same space twice. Working with him is an exciting thought for any actor. The way he connects to his actors is very clear in the films that he makes. He creates magic on screen.”

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