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    India's botoxed stars!

    India has a host of stars who use botox injections to defy age, and yet only one has been brave enough to admit it - the one and only Rakhi Sawant who boldly declared using botox and getting many surgeries done to get ahead in Bollywood. Here's a look, or rather a revelation on which Bollywood actressed use botox. Beware, some may come as real shocks.

    There was much controversy around Bipasha Basu who apparently registered herself under a fake name at a botox clinic and then refused to pay the doctor. Reports say that Bips has not only got botox injections but also got her cheekbones surgically altered.

    Everyone knows that beauty is the number one requirement to get anywhere in Bollywood, and that star schedules make them age visibly faster, and yet most actresses are embarrassed to admit that they get botox injections. Sushmita Sen is yet another actress who reportedly got botox injections.

    Shilpa Shetty may try to hide it, but a look at her early photos will make it clear to everyone that she has undergone botox injections

    The bubbly Juhi Chawla may not be getting main roles in films any more but that didn't stop her from trying to stop nature's victory over her face.

    Sources claim that even Preity Zinta has taken botox injections. If reports are to be believed, she has also got a nose job and breast implants.

    Yesteryears beauty Sridevi is among those women who look more beautiful at 50 plus than they did in their heyday. She too has reportedly taken botox injections

    And now for the big shocker. Some time ago a tabloid revealed that even Shabana Azmi took botox injections to enhance her beauty. A look at her 'before' photo reveals wrinkles that are missing now. Calling Benjamin Button!

    Mandira Bedi has not admitted to using botox, but she has been present at some promotional events for botox injections, so it can concluded that she is perhaps using the beauty injections.

    Given her long hiatus from acting at the very beginning of her career, it was rumoured that Esha Deol was also using botox, but her mother Hema Malini denied these rumours most vehemently.


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    thanks alot for sharing!

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    omg.. except Shilpa, Sri devi ... alll lloook soo awefull !!! O..thanks for sharing



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