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    Default Tiger Eyes Trailer Finally Arrive

    Christina Ricci Signs On For Indie Thriller Unmasked

    Watch Iron Man 3 Online Thanks to the success of the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games ' franchises, novels for young adults have been a very popular source of inspiration for Hollywood for the past decade or so. But remarkably, heralded YA author Judy Blume, whose books have sold more than 82 million copies in 41 countries, has yet to have one of her many popular novels adapted into a feature film. It might have something to do with her work's lack of fantastical magic creatures. But Blume's time has come at last thanks to Tiger Eyes.

    Watch Oblivion Online As you might gather from the trailer above—courtesy of USA Today—the movie centers on Davey Wexler (Gossip Girl's Willa Holland), a 17-year-old girl who's reeling from the recent death of her father as well as a traumatizing move to a new town. Transported from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Los Alamos, New Mexico, Davey feels alone and lost in her inner turmoil, until she meets Wolf (Tatanka Means), an enigmatic Native American who calls her Tiger and enjoys climbing the local canyon walls. Their growing bond helps pull Davey from the brink of darkest despair, urging her to embrace the life she has.

    Watch Mud Online Though it's not one of her most popular books, the 75-year-old Blume has been passionate about adapting Tiger Eyes into a feature for some time. To make it happen the remarkable woman who wrote such essential books as Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret and Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing founded her own production company, Tashmoo Prods, and co-wrote the coming-of-age drama's screenplay with her son Lawrence Blume. Notably, Lawrence, who in his boyhood was the inspiration for her beloved Fudge character, also served as the drama's director. So, fittingly this family-focused drama was a family affair.

    Watch 42 Online Tiger Eyes will open in limited release and VOD on June 7th. As the internet and social networking online has evolved, so has the concept of crowd sourced cinema. To date it has come in several forms. Snakes on a Plane memorably played into the wishes of those hungry for its release with reshoots that amped up its gore and camp appeal. The giddy B-movie Iron Sky was memorably crowd funded, and the Veronica Mars movie has become a reality thanks to is historically successful Kickstarter campaign. It's into this sprawling web of crowd collaboration and crowd backing that polarizing director Paul Verhoeven (Showgirls, Basic Instinct) dove to create his latest, Tricked.

    WATCH THE BIG WEDDING ONLINE Called Steekspel in its native Netherlands, this film began as four script pages penned by Kim van Kooten that introduced eight characters and the beginnings of conflicts, including a "whose baby is that" plot line. From there, Verhoeven gave this beginning over to any interested aspiring screenwriter to continue the narrative by penning the next four to five pages. From that he and his editors would shape the next chapter, shoot it, debut it, and do it all again with fresh contributions for the next chapter. This means that production was mounted once for each of Tricked's eight chapters, and from the start neither the film's stars nor its director knew how things would end. It's an intriguing concept and a major risk, especially for a director as diligent about his vision as Verhoeven. But how did it turn out?

    Watch Scary Movie 5 Online At the Tribeca Film Festival, the final narrative film plays out following a making-of documentary that reveals an increasingly harried Verhoeven in the throws of this extended and stuttered shoot. The director who in the past has carefully storyboarded every frame of his films has handed creative control over to hundreds of clamoring collaborators. Though Verhoeven is sometimes frustrated by their input (the Russian mafia!), he also is devotedly subjecting himself to it. The resulting melodrama hangs together way better than you'd expect, considering it has been crafted by merging elements from literally hundreds of scripts, its sections remarkably seamless.

    Centering on a sleek businessman on his fiftieth birthday, Tricked unfolds a darkly comedic plot about his depraved family and duplicitous business partners. It's funny, and definitely has Verhoeven's touch with its demented humor and sexual danger. However, if it were stripped of its 30-minute doc setup and left to exist on its own, the narrative film would be pretty forgettable. As an experiment, it's a fascinating success of filmmaking by "democracy" as Verhoeven deems it. But on its own steam, Tricked is little more than amusing. This year at the Tribeca Film Festival I have been overwhelmed by the quality of their slate. If you've been following my coverage, you'll note that I've been writing outright raves, feeling spoiled for choice and lucky bounding from one fantastic feature to the next. And since even films that were getting mixed reviews (Mr. Jones, Whitewash, G.B.F.) delighted me, I had incredibly high hopes for The Rocket and Hide Your Smiling Faces, which were roundly being dubbed the best of the fest in press lounge debates. Funny enough, I didn't totally agree.

    The Rocket is a coming-of-age story set in rural Laos, and has been cleaning up at the festival winning The Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film, and the Heineken Audience Award. It's easy to see why, as this captivating drama offers a bittersweet portrait of a jinxed young boy's hardscrabble quest for redemption. Ahlo is a ten-year-old boy whose very existence is considered a bad omen. The valley where he and his family live is ruled by superstition, among them that twins are trouble. 'One is a blessing; the other a curse,' his grandmother gravely intones upon the birth of Ahlo's stillborn little brother. She insists Ahlo's mother murder him immediately, but instead she secretly buries the dead baby, and declares Ahlo is a twin no more. But when their village is uprooted ten years later to make way for a new hydroelectric dam, his grandmother outs his secret and declares him cursed.

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    Default Crowd Sourced Melodrama Tricked

    It seems to be positioning Pain & Gain for a pretty solid debut.

    Watch Iron Man 3 Online From here Ahlo attempts to break his curse by finding his family a new home complete with fertile farmland. It's a journey that takes him through a landscape that is lush but deadly, seeded with slumbering bombs dropped by Americans long ago. The Rocket's charming fable involves a spunky little girl who befriends Ahlo, her James Brown worshipping uncle, and a make-your-own rocket festival that becomes Ahlo's proving grounds. It's tender and lyrical, involving moments of profound tragedy and scenes of inescapable joy. Gorgeously shot, beautifully performed by mostly nonprofessional actors, and topped off with a winsome and whip-smart protagonist, The Rocket is a total crowd-pleaser, deserving of its wild praise. Michael Bay's Pain & Gain cost a hell of a lot less than any other movie he's made, which means that this opening weekend comes with much lower stakes. So while a $7 million Friday take-- including $750,000 from Thursday midnight shows-- would spell disaster for a Transformers movie.

    Watch Pain And Gain Online According to the numbers at The Hollywood Reporter, the movie starring The Rock and Mark Wahlberg is on track for a $20.5 million weekend, a bit above what the studio was projecting and a much better opening than The Rock had for Snitch ($13.1 million) or Wahlberg had for Broken City ($8.2 million) earlier this year. It's also far more money than Bay made on the opening weekend of The Island, which was made for $126 million and grossed just $35 million total domestically. On a $26 million budget Pain & Gain is by far Bay's smallest movie since Bad Boys-- and for an R-rated passion project with mixed reviews, it's doing pretty well for itself.

    Watch Evil Dead Online Running behind Pain & Gain is last weekend's big champion Oblivion, still holding strong with $5.2 million and an anticipated $16.8 million for the weekend. The weekend's other new release, The Big Wedding, is suffering massively by comparison-- it debuted at #4 on Friday with just $2.6 million, on track for $8 million-- maybe what you'd expect after rough reviews, but disappointing especially at a time with so few films out there for women. Oddly enough, both The Big Wedding and Pain & Gain earned unimpressive C+ CinemaScores from audiences-- but in the battle between the violent satire and the fluffy wedding comedy, for once, it's the more interesting film winning at the box office.

    Watch Spring Breakers Online We'll have a full box office report to you tomorrow. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you've been seeing. One is the producer of the massively successful Paranormal Activity franchise. The other has penned the last three Fast & Furious movies.And now they're ready to join forces. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Blum and Chris Morgan are teaming up to produce a brand new low-budget sci-fi thriller together under their respective Blumhouse and Chris Morgan Productions banners. While larger details about the plot are currently being kept under wraps, the trade says the story will focus on a group of clever students who invent a brand new kind of technology "with ramifications that go far beyond their control." Both producers have first-look deals set up with Universal Pictures, meaning that it's likely the project will end up going there when it comes time for distribution.

    Watch G I Joe Retaliation Online Despite Morgan's experience as a writer, the pen will be handed over to Christopher Denham, an actor-turned-writer who you may remember as one of the American embassy workers trapped in Iran in Ben Affleck's Best Picture-winning Argo. THR notes that Denham actually has a history with Blum, as he scripted Oren Peli's Area 51, which has been sitting on a shelf for about four years now. Both Blum and Morgan still have projects coming up in 2013. Like he has for the last three, Morgan wrote the script for Fast & Furious 6 (which will be in theaters next month), while Blum is credited with producing multiple titles including James DeMonaco's sci-fi horror The Purge; James Wan's anticipated sequel Insidious: Chapter 2; and the Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer comedy Best Night Ever. She may not be taking on the biggest blockbusters the industry has to offer, but Christina Ricci has been keeping busy in Hollywood. In addition to small screen gigs like the short-lived series Pan Am and her one episode appearance on The

    Watch G I Joe 2 Online Good Wife, she starred alongside Robert Pattinson in last year's Bel Ami; has a role in the upcoming drama Mother's Day with Susan Sarandon, Andie McDowell and Sharon Stone; and will be lending her voice to one of the main villains in this summer's Smurfs 2. And today she's added another project to her upcoming slate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ricci has signed on to star in the upcoming thriller Unmasked, the new film from director Geoffrey Sax. Written by newcomer Peter Scott Vicaire, who's script was actually discovered on the website InkTip.com, the story centers on "a man who joins a dangerous and mysterious club in order to relive the worst day of his life." At this time there are no details about the character that Ricci will play, but the trade notes that the filmmakers are currently on the hunt for an actor to play the male lead.

    Watch Jack The Giant Slayer Online The project will be Sax's first directorial effort since 2010's Frankie & Alex, though he does have some experience in the thriller genre, previously helming 2005's White Noise, starring Michael Keaton. The new report doesn't mention when or where they are planning to start production on the new film, but if they are already in the casting phase one can assume they plan to start soon.There seems to be no shortage of Stephen King novels in development for film and television. We have Under the Dome to look forward to on CBS in June, and the upcoming Carrie remake set to hit theaters in October. And there's always the Dark Tower project that may or may never happen, not to mention The Stand, which may also be a wait (but hopefully well worth waiting for). And the latest news related to King's imaginative works has to do with one of his more recent novels, 11/22/63. J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot is reportedly in negotiations for the rights to the 2011 novel, which would be adapted for a TV series.

    Centers on an English teacher who has the opportunity to go back in time to 1958 through a portal in the storeroom of a local diner. He sets out to change the course of history in an effort to prevent the Kennedy assassination. Deadline says the deal is being done through Warner Bros. TV, where Bad Robot is under a deal. There's no network attached at present, however it sounds like they're looking to turn the book into a series or mini-series for cable. This would be a shift for the project, which was headed toward the big screen as of last year, up until director Jonathan Demme stepped away from the project, reportedly due to disagreements with King over how to adapt it.

    I haven't read the book yet, but 11/22/63 is queued up in my Kindle. I have it in line to be read after I get to NOS4A2, the upcoming new novel by Horns writer Joe Hill, who also happens to be Stephen King's son. With the intent to get to 11/22/63, I'm very excited to hear that there may be a series adaptation in the works. As great as certain big screen adaptations of King's work have turned out to be - Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Carrie, Stand By Me, to name a few - there's always a fair amount of abridgment and condensing done when adapting any novel, and King's books tend to be pretty long and thoroughly fleshed out due to King's efforts to fully develop his characters and let us understand who they are and why they do what they do. At a whopping 849 pages (hardcover), 11/22/63 sounds like another lengthy book, which may be better off having the benefit of a series or miniseries to really delve into the story. And with Bad Robot attached, there's that going for it as well. So we'll have to wait and see what updates transpire on this.

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    Default Ricci Signs On For Indie Thriller Unmasked

    Tribeca Film Festival Review: Paul Verhoeven's Crowd Sourced Melodrama Tricked

    Watch Evil Dead 2013 Online But it sounds like the project is in the early stages, as the rights technically haven't been fully secured yet. That gives those of us who haven't gotten to it time to check out the book. Two and a Half Men will be back for another season, but it be short one man… or half-man? Last month, CBS made a number of renewals, but Two and a Half Men wasn't on the list. At that time, CBS noted that they were still in discussions with Warner Bros. Television to renew the comedy for its eleventh season. Today comes word that the show is officially a go for Season 11, but Angus T. Jones may only be back in a recurring capacity.

    Watch The Croods Online After his rant about the comedy, which came along with a religious testimony on video late last year, we were left to wonder if maybe we were seeing the beginning of the end for Jones' run on the long-running CBS sitcom. Jones plays Jake, the son of Jon Cryer's character Alan in the series. But he did apologize soon after the video went viral, and as EW points out, Jones and the network patched things up over the situation in January and it seemed CBS was willing to chalk Jones' comments up to his youth. So the rant may not have anything to do with Jones' reported diminished role in the coming season.

    Watch The Call Online EW says Ashton Kutcher - who filled the gap left by Charlie Sheen in the series - is set up with a reported $700k per episode paycheck, as is Cryer. As for Jones, it sounds like his situation is still up in the air, but Warner Bros. is reportedly talking to him about "a possible recurring role" instead of coming back as a regular. That would probably mean a shift in the dynamic of the series, which once focused on two brothers living together and raising/influencing the son/nephew living with them. Of course, Jones isn't exactly a kid anymore, so that dynamic has likely shifted somewhat anyway. We could also speculate that the choice to keep the series on the air came with a pitch for some alterations to the plot, which might have included a bit less Jake. But that's just speculation. On the bright side, for fans of the series, Men will return next season. We'll have to wait and see what updates come in on Jones' status. Comedy Central is bringing back a couple of its freshman programs for a sophomore round.

    Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online The late-night, darkly humorous The Jeselnik Offensive has been picked up for a second season, as has the docu-comedy Nathan For You. Both programs are similar in that they feature burgeoning comedians--in the former’s case Anthony Jeselnik and in the latter’s Nathan Fielder--but have little else in common, unless you count that they are both getting 10 episode orders from Comedy Central for Season 2. The Jeselnik Offensive will return to the schedule, first. Season 2 of the hit series is set to premiere in July. Season 1 offered a variety of witty segments and interesting panelists, from The League’s Nick Kroll (who has his own Comedy Central program), to T.J. Miller, Brian Posehn, Abby Elliot, Amy Schumer and more. There’s no word on who will pop up in the second season of the late-night program, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know. All in all, I think it’s safe to say, as per his Twitter, executive producer Jeselnik is stoked about the renewal.

    Watch G I Joe 2 Online Blueberry Pie, ************s. The Jeselnik Offensive is coming back in July.Fans who are more into Nathan For You will have a bit longer to wait for new episodes. Season 2 won’t be premiering on the network until 2014, which makes sense, as Nathan For You is a sort-of scripted comedy about a wacky business consultant who comes up with off-the-wall plans to help struggling businesses. This is actually a great premise that should have a never-ending amount of wacky plots to supplement it; however, it will take a little longer to get a new season together. We’ll let you know when both shows get official premiere times and dates. It's a good day to be a vampire fan. Not only did The CW announce that The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals has gotten a series order for the 2013-2014 season, but we also have a new look at the upcoming sixth season of True Blood. And it's a good look too, as it puts Eric front and center in all his fangy glory. This one gives us a new clue about Season 6 and what might be part of the focus of the story going forward.

    The clip above shows us Eric talking to (or interrogating) a woman, who reveals to him that the vampires that are being arrested are being experimented on. Is that the next threat to the vampires in the series? Not only do they have groups of people hating them and wanting them (more) dead, but they might have to worry about being cut open and experimented on. Not good! The new clip follows two other clips that have surfaced, one of which shows us Alcide dealing with pack issues, and the other has Jason ready to kill Nora. If these clips are any indication, Season 6 won't have any shortage of tension going around. Well, that didn't take long! A day after The CW aired the back-door pilot for the Vampire Diaries potential spinoff series The Originals comes the official word from the network that they've ordered the pilot to series, which means more vampire drama on the CW, as the network had previously announced word of its renewal of TVD for a fifth season.

    The Originals centers on Joseph Morgan's character Klaus. The backdoor pilot aired during The Vampire Diaries last night and had Klaus visiting his past in the town he and his family helped build, only to find that his former protege Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) has taken over the human and supernatural population. Apparently, The CW is happy enough with the pilot to give The Originals a series order for next season. The new drama Arrow, Supernatural and TVD among the series the CW already has lined up for their 2013-2014 season. Also set to return next season are Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie. Like Arrow, Beauty and the Beast was one of CW's newcomers this season. Inspired by the classic tale, the drama comes from Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin and stars Kristin Kreuk as the titular beauty and a police detective, while Jay Ryan plays the "beastly" Vincent Keller, a former doctor turned soldier who was part of an experimental super soldier program.



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