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    Default Why Match Was Nixed from WrestleMania 29, Midcard Talents Upset at Not Being Used, More

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    - WWE decided to cut the eight-person inter-gender tag match before WrestleMania 29 went live as they wanted to give the top three matches as much time as they wanted.

    - The reason WWE had no fireworks open the WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view was due to the light skies and the feeling that the Hurricane Sandy video with Chris Christie would be overpowered by the pyro.

    - Several of WWE's mid-card talents were down because they were not used at last night's event. In the past WWE always tried to squeeze everyone in.

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    WWE sucks ,seriously? no us match and the ic match in the pre show .

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemafekho View Post
    WWE sucks ,seriously? no us match and the ic match in the pre show .
    I agree with you...
    Where is the respect for Tradition?



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