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    Default Live-in or marriage...what do TV actors prefer? Let's find out

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    ďThere is no more lovely, friendly or charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage.Ē ~ Martin Luther (German monk and a professor of theology)

    On Indian TV serials, marriage wins thumbs up over living-in any day. Most of our TV stars in their real lives also believe like their reel characters that a man and woman should be wed in holy matrimony instead of opting to live under the same roof as unwed lovers.

    Aamir Ali
    I prefer marriage. For me itís a sense of being one. If there is a problem which can happen in any relationship, one can walk out in a live-in relationship. In a marriage you will try to sort it out.

    Aakanksha Singh
    I prefer marriage. I donít understand the take of live-in. I mean if you love someone why canít you marry that person? Is live-in a try to judge if a relationship works out or not? What if it doesnít work out? Then you simply move on?
    For me love, soul and dedication towards the partner is important. If these arenít in a relationship you will never think whether you should marry the person or not. I have always heard from the surroundings in which I have been brought up that marriage is a beautiful relationship. For me marriage is pure bliss.

    Raja Chaudhary
    I feel that marriage is ultimate. It is when two people start loving one another and do so throughout their lives.

    Roopal Tyagi
    I prefer marriage as eventually everyone needs to settle down. Live-ins donít assure anything. It may end any day or may never end. That suspense is not for me which is why I prefer marriage.

    Rajev Paul
    At this point I donít know what I would prefer. First and foremost, I have to meet that someone special who I can think of maybe living-in with and eventually getting married to. However, I have to meet that special woman first. I am not seeing anyone, I am single so it all depends on meeting that woman.

    Niaa Sharma
    Marriage is a blunder but live-in is even a bigger blunder. If you want to live life be single and happy. Todayís world is too practical and marriage is merely a joke now.

    Romit Raj
    I prefer marriage as it gets two families together and there is a huge commitment between the two. I feel that live-in is a very convenient way through which people find out that they donít want to commit and take the responsibility of their spouse and kids. People might feel that live-in is an easy way out and is stress free. You can just end the relationship by saying **** off.



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