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    Default Ryback Talks About WrestleMania 29, Being a Fan of Razor Ramon Growing Up, More

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    - Ryback spoke with NorthJersey(.)com yesterday to promote WrestleMania 29. Here are some highlights:

    Being a part of WrestleMania this year:
    "Last year, I was sitting there watching in the stands as I was coming back from a big injury, and it was kind of still up in the air what we were going to do with [my character]. I was remaining positive, but I told myself last year Ďthis was the last one that Iím sitting out [and] Iím going to be a part of the rest of them.í It was such a horrible feeling not being a part of it."

    Being a fan growing up:
    "Shawn [Michaels] and Bret [Hart], I love. Those two, I didnít know why I liked them, but I loved them growing up and now I obviously know why they were so good. Razor Ramon was actually my favorite for quite sometime. There was just something about [the character]. The reason I do that Ďfinish ití [taunt] with my arms is because, if you remember, Razor Ramon would always kind of fire it up and throw his arms out."

    His WrestleMania 29 match against Mark Henry:
    "Youíre going to see two monsters going out there and itís going to be a match unlike any other match on the card. I think at the end of the day itís going to be a match people remember; Ryback lifting Mark Henry over his head Shell Shocking him and 70,000 plus screaming at the top of their lungs ĎFeed Me Moreí with me."

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