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    Default Haas & Benjamin, WM29 Snubs

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    Who has the final say on the booking of Undertaker vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania?
    Vince McMahon has the final say on everything although Iím sure Undertaker has the power to veto an outcome that has him going under. If WWE wanted to end Undertakerís streak, itís at the point where it would have to be with Undertakerís blessing. I heard he was against any scenario that saw him come back and lose but things can change.
    I read somewhere that WWE are aiming at a more family friendly product, is this true?
    These comments likely came from George Barrios at the 25th Annual ROTH Conference. You can read a report we filed about Barrios contrasting WWEís audience with UFCs audience at this link. With Vince McMahon admitting they went a little far with WWE PG (on a conference call I was on), I donít think this means theyíre looking to water down the product even further. I take it as they are committed to producing a product that can be consumed by the entire family. I truly believe a lot of IWC fans want to see WWE go more towards a Ring of Honor type style, where the product is built around lengthy athletic wrestling matches. This isnít going to happen as WWE is a mainstream organization with a diverse audience. They want the pure wrestling fans but they want their wives and their children as well.
    Following the unexpected retirement of Charlie Haas, I would love to hear your thoughts on The Worldís Greatest Tag Team during their original run with WWE. I think they are one of the greatest tag teams of recent times and are extremely underrated in history.
    You donít want commentary on ďStone ColdĒ Steve Haastin? Both Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were great together in WWE and in Ring of Honor. I can remember their initial pairing as Team Angle, thinking they had fantastic chemistry very early on. They put on great tag team matches and had two title runs in each company. Charlie is ready to pursue life outside of the business and he canít be faulted for wanting to be with his wife and kids.
    Is Antonio Cesaro going to be a Wrestlemania snub?
    Ten matches have officially been announced for Sundayís Wrestlemania 29, none of which feature the reigning WWE United States Champion. Remember there is a one hour pre-show that is expected to feature at least one match that is supposed to have implications at the pay-per-view. We should find out more on this weekís Raw.
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