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    When Abhishek Bachchan came to the DLF Emporio mall recently, he was accompanied by his brother-in law (though sis Shweta Bachchan Nanda was

    conspicuous by her absence), Nikhil Nanda.

    They chatted, laughed, and even hugged each other at times. Their bonhomie was hard to miss. And they even posed for shutterbugs readily and made for a cool pic (see pic on left).

    We promptly asked Nikhil, how’s the chemistry between this jiju-saala duo. “He is like my younger brother. This guy (pointing to AB) is just fabulous,” said Nikhil, putting an arm around AB baby. But for the most part, as Abhi went on a take-your-trip riot, Nikhil watched him, kabhi with an indulgent smile on his face, kabhi looking quite serious. When Abhi took a moment to ask something to Nikhil, the latter nodded in agreement. That’s when we asked Abhi if Nikhil agrees to everything that he says. “We are buddies. He rocks!”said Abhi, and both laughed. Now, that’s one kya cool hai hum jodi, eh?



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