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    Default Leap plans canned; Raj Mange to play Hanuman for some more time in Sahara One's Jai Jai Jai Bajrang

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    Sagar Artsí Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali is one show that has managed to get decent numbers for Sahara One. Probably this is also one of the reasons why the channel is not letting go off the star kid Raj Mange from the serial.

    We had earlier reported that Raj, who plays the younger Hanuman, will make a move by end of January or early February 2013 with creatives bringing in a ten year leap in the show.

    However, itís mid-March and Raj is very much a part of the project. So how long will this little hero continue acting on this mythological series? And what happened to the leap plans?

    Here is what weíve learntÖ As per a source the channel has no plans of letting him go for the next two months. Hence, the leap has been put on halt for now.

    Yes, so you get to see the cute and adorable Raj for some more time.

    When contacted Rajís mother Savi she said, ďHopefully we should be free by end of this month as the Ashta Siddhi track will end now.Ē But thatís not exactly whatís happening, as our source told us, ďThe Ashta Siddhi track will end now but then we are planning to bring in the Rahu track soon after that. Therefore, Raj is shooting for at least two months.Ē

    However, Rajís parents on the other hand are eager to leave the show as his mother shared, ďItís been two years that we have been out of Mumbai plus Raj hasnít been able to attend school. We want him to get back to school. However, the production house has managed to convince the school authorities this year so, Raj will be joining school in June.Ē

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