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    Default Mithun’s professionalism impresses all

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    Mithun Chakraborthy may be a couple of decades old in Bollywood, but age has done nothing to wane his passion for acting.

    And the actor’s proved it recently. Not only did he impress everyone with his acting histrionics on the sets of Ashuu Trikha’s Baabarr — that stars Urvashi Sharma alongside newcomer Soham — but the actor also gave a glimpse of professionalism he’s famous for. Director Ashuu revealed, “Shooting with Mithunda is a treat for any filmmaker. Not only does he bring his expertise and experience on board, but also his enthusiasm for work.” Ashuu recalls an incident, when the actor continued to shoot despite being injured. “We were shooting on some rough terrain and the sequence required Mithunda — who plays an honest police officer — to chase the character Tabarez, played by Sushant Singh.”

    The director adds, “We had just started rolling when we realised that dada had tripped and fallen. But before we could reach him, he was up and ready to roll again and he canned the shot perfectly at one go. It was only after the shoot was over in the evening that we realised that he had really hurt himself in the fall. And even then he tried to laugh off his injuries. That was so inspiring for everyone on the sets.” Little wonder then that Mithun continues to rule the hearts not only of his fans, but also the filmwallahs.

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