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    Default Opera Singer Using WWE for Prep, Natalya Talks to ESPN

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    - ESPN published article about Alicia Fox and Natalya’s recent visit to Rwanda as part of WWE’s partnership with Nothing But Nets. The alliance was formed to help raise awareness and prevent malaria.
    “Am I going to fly to Africa and try to save all these people? Well, yes I am,” Natalya told ESPN. “There are lots of ways [WWE] we can use our global juggernaut to reach people. The bed nets really helped kicked down the door. The possibilities are endless.”

    - The Oregonian published an article about opera singer Caitlin Mathes watching WWE to help her prepare for her role in G.F. Handel’s Rinaldo. Mathes told the site, “It’s my first time playing a warrior, so I figure going to an extreme will balance it out about right.”
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