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    Default 'I will not get married on August 2nd' - Rakhi Sawant

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    The much awaited Rakhi ki Shaadi on 2nd August will not happen as the item girl decides to play safe. She will only get engaged and give herself and her future life partner ample time to understand each other .

    After much speculation whether Rakhi Sawant will get married or not, the very much in demand bride finally brought the suspense to a close by declaring that she will not get married on the 2nd of August, the final day of Rakhi ka Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine.

    "I will only choose my life partner; we will get engaged, but not tie the knot." Ask her whether this is not against the concept of the show, and she argues, "Says who? It is well known that a Swayamvar means, choosing your life partner and that's what I will do".

    This item girl feels that her decision to defer marriage is quite sensible, for both Elesh and Manas are not settled in life. "They need to get their careers going, buy their own home. They should be financial independent to take care of me. So I have decided to give them time. It is better to understand each other rather then hastily marrying and then getting divorced", avers the bride-to-be.

    When asked about the third guy Chittiz Jain, Rakhi quips, "Of the finalists, I prefer Elesh Parujanwala and Manas Katyal, just because Chittiz Jain had very clearly told me that he has not fallen in love with me yet".

    Coming to the Canada based Elesh Parujanwala who has the highest chance of winning the lady, Rakhi makes it very clear that, "If I do choose him, I will never leave Mumbai. It is my karam bhoomi". Going further on their possible relationship post engagement, she quipped, "We will live separately. He will not touch me. He is a very cultured guy."

    Talking about the entire experience of her Swayamvar, she says, "It was fun; I broke Madonna's record, I dated 16 men on National Television while she dated and married only 7".

    Defending her coy nature on the show, she says "I was always like this. That bindaas attitude you are talking about is also important, for other wise the world and the media will eat me up alive".

    However, NDTV Imagine on its part refused to comment. Shailja Kejriwal, EVP - Content, NDTV Imagine just stated, "We have to wait till the 2nd of August to find out what she does. It's a reality show and not a scripted drama. Rakhi will do what she feels like in front of the entire nation and we are going live".

    In closing Rakhi refused to say more except that she will get married one day and that will be in the media. "There is a big surprise in store, just wait and watch for it", she ends.

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    i thought so that she won't get married

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    i guess they just playing around as first it came out she won't get married then article came that she will now again she won't so ev1 has to wait init

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    shes getting married one day?how

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    its like a hot topic now!
    thanks alot for sharing



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