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    Smile How to downlaod any song from

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    1) Open internet explorer and go to
    2) Search for your song
    3) Look for your songs in the search results
    4) Click on the play buttons
    5) Wait for the whole song to load
    6) Let the whole song play once
    7)Go to control panel
    8)Click on Internet options
    9)Then click on temporary internet files settings
    10)Then click on view files
    11) Then look for your file(the song you were listening to)
    12) Make sure that the file is a rbs file
    13)Drag it to the desktop
    14)Rename the file and make sure the ending is .mp3(don't forget the dot)

    *Note some files are corrupted at and you cant listen to it online because it says file error*

    This method is clearly safe and it is tested by me

    Plz provide feedback



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