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    Default Now Hillary wants to see Aamir's films!

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    That Aamir Khan and Hillary Clinton shared a platform during her recent visit is a well-known fact.

    What very few people know is the fact that the US Secretary of State had also done her homework thoroughly on Aamir’s filmography.

    During one of their conversations the former First Lady of the US not only spoke to Aamir at length about Taare Zameen Par, she also expressed a desire to see the film. Aamir promised to get her a sub-titled version of the special DVD with all the right bonus material that deals with parents of dyslexic children in a panel discussion with the actor; plus other relevant information that helped make TZP an eye-opener.

    Madam Clinton also hoped to see Aamir’s Lagaan, one hears. Even as we write this piece, a special courier could well be on its way to Washington DC with films made by Aamir.



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