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    Default 《《 Mallika Sherawat going nude in Hissss? 》》

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    When we first saw the promos of Mallika Sherawat starrer Hissss, we got the impression that she has indeed given a nude shot in the film. There were sequences seen in the extended promo that showed a nude butt shot of Mallika sliding in the mud and turning into a deadly snake.

    Buzz up!
    We were in fact the first ones to have reported about it back then. While it suggested it was her, we have now found out that it is actually a body double used instead of Mallika.

    So what actually happened to this dare bare attitude girl who once shed all her inhibitions on screen? It is learnt that when the shoot for the shot was going to take place, she requested to the film's director Jennifer Lynch that she would not be able to do the scene and it would be better to use a body double. Jennifer perhaps understood her predicament and canned the shot with a body double.

    But this hasn't been the first instance when Mallika has chickened out of giving a nude shot. Apparently, she was earlier supposed to do a nude scene in Mahesh Bhatt's Murder (2004) but when she reached the sets she developed cold feet.


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