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    Default When TV stars go on a blind date

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    Who doesn’t love going on a date because it is fun all the way. And the element of excitement increases, if it is a blind date (we can see the smirk on the faces of you guys).

    Okay…before moving on… a blind date is a social engagement between two strangers who go out for a date and spend some good time.

    Now, imagine walking up to someone you’ve never met in your life and sharing a happy conversation with the other.

    Out of curiosity, we talked to a few TV celebs and asked if they would go on a blind date with a random person. And this is what they had to say:

    Karan Kundra: No, I will not go on a blind date with any stranger. I am done with all this long back. In this hectic life of mine, I am always busy shooting, attending workshops and going to a gym. Even if I want, I cannot take out time for such relationship. Of late, I have disconnected from my social life since my whole focus is on my career.

    Ragini Khanna: Yes of course, I am game to go out on a blind date; it would be fun going for one. But yes, before going, I would see to it that the guy whom I will go with, is well-spoken, intellectual and humorous. If he has the qualities, then we can take our conversation ahead and have a good time.

    Kunal Karan Kapoor: No, I am not the person who will go out for a blind date with some random person. It’s just that I won’t be comfortable if I don’t know the person in and out and it may turn out to be awkward moment.

    Shakti Mohan: No, I don’t believe in blind dates. I find it very lame. Now, if I at all go and meet a random guy and later don’t like him, then the entire purpose of the event would prove futile and fake. Isn’t it?

    Nakuul Mehta: I have no time for blind dates. But I don’t mind seeing a girl and then going on a date (giggles). I am just kidding; I am a happily married guy and will not venture into things like this.

    Annie Gill: Yes, why not. But the guy should be decent enough and well-spoken. Age doesn’t matter but he should not be a loafer kind of a guy. He should be polite and humble so that we can have good time toge



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