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    Default Kunal Pant of 'Sadda Adda' fame and Aparna Kumar in an episodic of Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath

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    ‘Exploitation of Women’ is an issue that has been covered on television on a regular basis. But now, Life OK’s Hum Ne Li Hai.. Shapath (Fireworks Productions) will deal on a subject that will talk about exploitation of men. The story will revolve around youngsters who dream of making it big in Bollywood. However, with lady luck not smiling on them their dreams die down, with them picking up small errand jobs to make a living. The Shapath team will be shooting at real-locations like the gym, malls and many other places for this particular episode.

    The story line goes like this - it so happens that many youngsters who are aspiring Bollywood actors meet with their death when their dreams are about to turn into reality. And this brings the cops of Shapath to solve the case. And they find out that there is a psycho on the loose who wanted to become an actor, but could not turn his dreams into reality. This frustration has pushed him to the edge to kill all aspiring actors around.

    Kunal Pant, who was seen in the movie Sadda Adda, has been roped in to play a pivotal role in the episodic. Also, Aparna Kumar of Choona Hai Aasman fame will be seen in this episodic story. Last year Aparna was seen in a beauty pageant story of Shapath where she played the owner of the pageant.
    However, this time, she will be seen as an owner of a gym where the murders happen.

    We tried contacting Aparna Kumar but she remained unavailable for comments.

    This episodic story will be aired sometime in February (2013).



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